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NAMA's collections reach out across the mountains preserving and sharing stories of the past, present and
future to inspire thriving alpine communities and places. These stories are told through over 25,000 items including textiles, images and film, archival material, numismatics, artworks and three dimensional objects.

NAMA's collection provides a broad overview of the cultural and environmental heritage of Australia's Alpine regions and Australian winter sports. Australia's alpine environment is unique and covers just 0.15% of the continent. The history of Australia's Alps reflects many of the processes that have shaped the modern nation, including migration, globalisation and tourism.


This history also illustrates the ways in which the movement of people, ideas and technology have had an impact on ourselves and our understanding of the landscape. The collections held by NAMA reveal these broad themes across both summer and winter, from European colonisation to the present.


The stories of Australian winter sports are also revealed through the collections, which are rarely told outside of Olympic successes despite a history of participation and competition dating back to the mid-19th century.


NAMA is an accredited museum and has a collection policy to guide the areas in which it collects. We are always interested in items that you may have that could be included in the NAMA collection. Where possible we aim to collect items that are in good condition and come with a strong story relating to their use. Though the need for a good story does not apply to library, film, photographic and archival material.


If you have something you think might be of interest to NAMA please be aware that all items we are offered are accepted provisionally until we can assess them.

Please contact us via or using the button below if you are interested in donating material to the collection.

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