Uncover, share and preserve stories of Alpine Australia, inspire others to discover, protect and connect with our mountains.


To be Australia’s leading ​alpine cultural organisation. ​Reaching out across the mountains using stories to inspire thriving alpine communities and places.​


NAMA is the only Australian alpine cultural organisation accredited as part of the Australian Museums and Galleries Association (AMaGA) Victoria Museum Accreditation Program (MAP).

MAP is a peer review program which uses the National Standards for Museums and Galleries to provide a framework for museums, galleries, historical societies, heritage sites, and archives to achieve best practice across all aspects of operations and increase organisation profile. MAP has been managed by AMaGA Victoria since 1993.




CHAIR // Jon Hutchins

VICE-CHAIR // Genevieve Fahey

SECRETARY // Wendy Magee

TREASURER // Neil Bower


Michelle Stevenson (Curator)

Steve Thompson

Walter Kiessling

Stuart Worn

Katie Balfe

Mark Ashkanasy

Ron Edwards

NAMA is a volunteer run and operated museum. The Mt Buller and Mt Stirling Alpine Resort Management Board continues to provide support with funds to assist with the expenses of operation as well as providing space for both storage and display.

NAMA elects a volunteer Board annually; as well as providing direction and governance the board members provide hands-on support for the activities undertaken throughout the year.


Michelle Stevenson is the Curator, Michelle is a museum professional who ensures that the standards applied to the care of the collections and the display are appropriate. Michelle was instrumental in NAMA gaining MAP accreditation status through Australian Museum & Galleries Association (Victoria) Museums Accreditation Program.